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Task Force

It costs an average of $13,000 to $20,000 a day to have an open sales position, depending on the role. How long can you afford to have a revenue producing position open until you find the right candidate, get them trained and producing? H Staff offers a team of experienced consultants with a proven successful track record who can immediately step into a position and start making a positive impact. Our recruiting process is selective, process driven and complemented by competencies tests that allow us to secure the most talented and driven individuals. 

  •     Director of Sales & Marketing

  •     Director of Catering & Convention Services

  •     Director of Revenue Management

  •     Sales Manager – segment specific when needed

  •     Catering Manager

  •     Convention Services Manager

  •     Revenue Manager

H Staff provides and array of revenue management consulting services where we will provide an objective analysis on your hotels and assist in developing a detailed strategy and tactics that will achieve your goals.

We are seasoned professionals with extensive experience, from boutique independent hotels, to lifestyle hotels to major brands and from limited service to full luxury service.

We will partner with you  to deliver performance improvement. We offer five distinct services that can be customized based on your needs. 

Revenue Management

To HStaff,


This letter is to recommend Marsha Black to anyone who may need additional sales efforts.  Marsha recently worked for us at the St. Louis City Center Hotel in the capacity as a "Task Force" Sales Manager, and I couldn't be happier with her performance.


Marsha is a skilled "qualifier" and was fearless in digging in to every list I asked her to prospect.


Marsha is also a self-motivated professional who puts in 100% effort with little to no supervision required.


I will not hesitate to call upon Marsha the next time I need additional sales efforts at any of the three hotels I oversee.




Leslie K. HAvens

Regional Director of Sales & Marketing

Inner Circle Hotels

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